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A Fairy Tale

A Fairy Tale
By: Mia L. Hazlett

And then there he stood. After eight years of wondering, thinking, hoping, praying…there he stood. I wanted to approach him and unload eight years of wondering, thinking, hoping, praying, but I stopped me. For before me stood my fairy tale, my happily ever after. Every hope, dream, and thought of love I’ve ever had, left the day we parted. There was never a good-bye. There was never a fight for our love…it just ended. Or did it, because there he stood, my happily ever after.

I remained where I was seated, because to approach a love so pure and perfect, would ruin the hopes, dreams and thoughts of love that I’ve shared with him in his absence. He didn’t know the pedestal he graced in my heart. He only knew that I had left him years before. He knew not that I had fought for him to stay in my mind. He knew not that my soul cried for his touch, his embrace, his taste. He knew not that he had ruined love for any that followed. For he was my fairy tale, my happily ever after.

As he stood at the counter, my lips parted to call his name, but only my mind gave voice. I told him he was the better part of me. I told him he was who made my heart whole. I told him because I knew he existed, I could always believe in love. I told him that if it took a lifetime for our paths to rekindle, than he was worthy of a lifetime of patience. I told him for once you are given a fairy tale, only happily ever after will do. Forever yours.

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