Love Mommy

To the Loves of My Life:

Hello my precious angels. On such a momentous day in history, I feel inspired to write to you so as not to lose the significance of this day. I wish with all my heart, I could have shared this moment with you, but the importance was not lost by our seperation.

Jazzy, I say to you the day I brought you home was one of joy and fear wrapped into one. The first time at anything is always scary, but there were never such dire consequences to face should I fail with you. We barely slept a wink that night and when we finally caught that piece of heaven, we were interrupted by a day that will go down in history, September 11, 2001. Fear set in my heart. How could I bring a child into a world that flies planes into buildings just miles from where we sleep?

Kaylee, you were born into a war on foreign ground that is still fought to the very second that I write this letter to you. So it is with you my precious daughter, that I share your beginning. For your war is called The War in Iraq, and mine was called The Vietnam War. I pray to our Father above that you, like I, will live to see it end.

And today my loves, as I watched President Barack Obama, our first black president, sworn into office, and I watched him kiss his daughters; I thought, what a wonderful world I’ve brought you into. Although we live in a country that has forever had racism, and even though this day does not abolish the divide, it does bring us one step closer to equality. It allows me to hope and pray and dream for you like I never have before, because change and normalcy have been introduced to you at such a young age.

As this day draws to a close my darlings, know that just by being alive, you make me strive to do my best and you both have made me a better person. It is an honor to live my life as your mother. May you always carry God and your family in your hearts.



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  1. “Change and normalcy” verses change or normalcy is a quite precarious thought. We each need and desire both, but within the exacting propose of each lays an intertwined struggle. Often said, “When I get older… When the time is right… or I remember when…” Each choice made for us, in youth; or that we then choose to make, as adults; carefully make for others, as care takers; before ultimately having them made for us again in our sunset, speak to this idea. Change or remain, do or be, perhaps even grow or die, how does one balance these principals without squandering the blessings of time, opportunity, and purpose?

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