Already Won

Already Won
By: Mia L. Hazlett

Father will they laugh?
Not the last laugh.

Father will they lie?
The devil is a lie.

Father will they win?
Not in My eyes.

Father will they fall?
For all the world to see.

Father do they hear you?
Only if they listen to your words.

Father do they see you?
If all eyes are on you.

Father do they know you?
It’s inevitable that we meet.

Father do they seek you?
I have not heard their knees.

Father leave me standing.
There is no other way.

Father leave me strengthened.
My daughter, I hear your prayer.

Father leave me wiser.
Then take the lessons as they come.

Father leave me humbled.
None of this is for you.

Father I give all praise to thee.
Then your battle is already won.

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  1. LOVE IT! Thank you for sharing with me. very inspirational

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