Monster XIV

Monster XIV
By: Mia L. Hazlett

They only allowed me to explore the top floor of my prison. I really didn’t know where I was.  There were no windows. It had the layout of a small hotel, except everything was white.  I knew I was upstairs because of the small stairwell at the end of the bleached hallway.  No stairs went up, but there were at least three, maybe four flights, which went down.

I didn’t explore the hallways as a leisurely stroll.  Over the past, I’ll guess and say two weeks, I carried an extremely large heavy duffel bag on my shoulders.  Every two days they added more weights.  They started me heavy, and I could safely say it now exceeded my own weight.

I came into the hallway the next morning for my routine weight walk.  The difference this time, the bag was alive.  The noise was muffled, but my bag now hopped and moved across the floor.  Maniacal ordered me to pick it up and begin my routine.  I obeyed. Whatever it was calmed as I picked it up.  Two steps in- it went frantic.  I was ordered not only not to drop it, but to also run.  Again, I obeyed- until I dropped it.

It only took seconds to pick it up again, but now it was wild. My routine consisted of down the hall and back twenty times.  I was up to thirty-five right now, and sweat stung my eyes.  My momentum was gone and my bag had no sign of life.  At fifty he let me stop. I wanted to drop the bag, but I remembered it was once alive.

Footsteps came and opened the bag.  The pit bull took small breathes.  It was a dog, but when I looked in its eyes, I recognized that fear.  I had seen that fear in Hope’s eyes.  They taped around his muzzle and he was probably close to suffocating.  Footsteps walked to the end of the hallway and opened the door to the small stairwell. Maniacal cut the tape off his muzzle as a sat on the floor in front of them. Exhaustion possessed every cell of my body.

I was ordered to go to Footsteps.  Still out of breath and feet from the stairwell, I heard Maniacal yell, “Attack”, and turned to see the pit bull running at me.  I don’t know how I made it down the first flight of stairs, but as I reached the third, pit bull was closing the gap.  There were two more flights coming at me fast as skipped stairs and still maintained my speed and balance.   I heard a yelp as he lost his balance and fell down the flight directly behind me.

Fear and adrenaline battled inside me for the next two seconds as I ran out of stairs and slammed into the cement wall.  Before I could recover, there was a loud blast and a final yelp. Footsteps appeared with a gun and ordered us back upstairs. I carried the dog up five flights of stairs and collapsed on my bed.

Before I fell asleep, Maniacal spoke into his phone while looking at me, “She’s ready.”

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In My Head VI

In My Head VI
By: Mia L. Hazlett

Daddy picked me up from school today.  We got my sister from daycare and now we are going to go to the mall. I love the mall.  Usually Mommy just comes to pay one of her bills at the store on the end near the escalators.  Daddy said we could go to all the stores and get whatever we wanted. It was kinda weird, because he used to never let us get stuff.  Now, he bought us anything we wanted.

Daddy asked me how I was doing and about school. I told him I was really good and I loved school.  I asked him if he would come to my play next week because I was going to be the narrator.  He said he couldn’t wait. I also asked him if he would sit with Mommy.  He told me, “We’ll see.”  That means no.  That has always meant no. But that was okay, as long as he came.

When we were going back to the car, Daddy got a call from a girl.  Her picture came up on his screen.  He tried to hide it, but I already saw it.  My sister kept asking if that was Mommy and Daddy got mad at her and yelled for her to be quiet.  She started to cry and I held her hand.  I wanted to go home now.  This wasn’t the best day ever.  Daddy called the girl on the phone sweetie.  That’s what he called me.

When Daddy pulled into the driveway, the front porch light came on and I saw the front door open, but Mommy didn’t come outside.  As soon as I saw the “P” light up, I took my seatbelt off and ran into the house.  I never wanted to see Daddy again.  I heard my sister crying downstairs and then the door closed.  I looked out the window and Daddy was on the phone smiling.  He was probably talking to his new “sweetie”.

Mommy knocked on my door and brought in the bags full of all the stuff Daddy let us get.  I told her I didn’t want it and I never wanted to see him again.  She sat on my bed and I ran to her and told her that Daddy had another girl he called “sweetie”. I wanted to be his only sweetie.  I was Sweetie and my sister was Sunshine. I began to cry and begged Mommy to never find another “dumplin’”.  I would do anything she wanted.  I just wanted to be her only “dumplin’”.  She promised me that I was her only dumplin’.   When she left my room, I heard her call my sister. “Gumdrop, it’s time for your bath”, she said.

From now on my sister and me would only answer to Dumplin’ and Gumdrop.  We were no longer anyone’s Sweetie or Sunshine.

Copyright © 2014 Mia L. Hazlett

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In My Head- V

In My Head – V
By: Mia L. Hazlett

I sat in my Science class and wondered if I was ever going to see my Daddy again. I put my sparkly dress right in the trash.  I never wanted to wear it again.  He never came and Mommy tried to call him, but he didn’t answer.  Saturday would be here tomorrow and I really wanted to see him.  But if I asked him to come and then he didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to go to Sasha’s birthday party.  I had to go to her party, everyone from our class was going to be there.

I went to get into the bus line, but I saw Mommy waving to me from the parent pick-up line.  Mommy never picks me up.  This was the best day ever.  She always made it the best day ever.  I ran over to her and fell into the biggest hug.  She kissed my forehead and I grabbed her hand.  I sat in the back and told her all about my day.  She said after we got my sister we could go and get me a dress for the birthday party, maybe even new shoes too. I was so excited.

We got my sister and went shopping for my dress.  I got to get my new shoes too.  It was like it was my birthday and not Sasha’s, because after shopping we went to the pizza place up the street and we got to eat it there.  We were playing the license plate game on our way home and before we got to the driveway, I saw Daddy’s car.  “Daddy!”, my sister and I screamed.  This was the best day ever.

My mother walked straight into the house, when we climbed all over Daddy.  He kissed us and said he was sorry he couldn’t get here last week to pick us up.  Even though his phone looked exactly the same, he said he lost his phone and he had to buy a new one.  He must have taken my little heart sticker off his old phone and put it on the case for this one.

He came into the house, but I didn’t see Mommy.  Her door was closed, so she must be in her bedroom.  We sat in the living room and Daddy ate the last of the pizza we brought home.  I wish Mommy would come downstairs, but she stayed in her room.  Maybe she was mad at us for talking to Daddy.  I started to get scared because if Daddy left, Mommy would be mad at us.  I know she didn’t like Daddy anymore, but I didn’t know if we were supposed to not like him too.

Daddy left and I knocked on Mommy’s door.  I told her through the door that he left.  I waited for her to answer, and then I opened the door.  She was asleep on her bed and me and my sister crawled in the bed with her.  I wasn’t sure if we were supposed to be here, but I didn’t want Mommy mad at us.  I was just really happy to see Daddy.  Before I fell asleep, I promised I would never act happy to see Daddy in front of Mommy again.

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Monster XIII

Monster XIII
By: Mia L. Hazlett

My departure was similar to my arrival.  I was thrown into a trunk, so I didn’t know where I was leaving or being taken.  Although Footsteps put me in the trunk, I couldn’t say he was the one driving.  I tried my best to stay awake, but I knew it wouldn’t last long.  Dr. Guy had given me some sort of pill prior to my little trip.  The effect began with a long blink.  Now a tingle made it from my shoulders to my fingertips.

I woke up in a bedroom.  It wasn’t my bedroom, but it was a bedroom.  It was in direct contrast to the hell I left.  There was nothing but white everywhere. I tried to get up but somehow I was back in hell.  I was alert, but once again, unable to move my legs.  I could see my legs, but could not feel them.   As the door opened, same hell with different scenery.  In walked, Maniacal, Footsteps, and the Dr. Guy, and all I could do is watch them as they approached the bed.

Dr. Guy gave me a shot in my arm, as Maniacal spoke to me.  There was a flat screen TV in the corner of the room.  I watched Footsteps walk and turn on the television.  Hope popped onto the screen.  She was in our old hell and sleeping peacefully.  He switched the channel and I was staring at myself, an electronic mirror.  He continued to change the channels and I received a virtual tour of my new “home”.

There was a tingling in my legs and I could feel a small ache in my lower back.  It wasn’t a pain, just a small uncomfortable ache.  Maniacal explained they had inserted a tracking device in my back.  Footsteps pressed a button on the side of the TV and it became a monitor.  A red dot blinked.  I knew I was the dot, but he quickly switched the channel back to Hope.  I did not have time to see the street names that were listed around the blinking dot.

Amazingly, my freedom and bondage shared the same screen. If I decided to leave, I would just have to figure out where I was. They could track me if they wanted, but this was the closest I had come to freedom.   But Maniacal had his name for a reason.  If I did leave, Hope was dead.  My life or hers.  Who did I have more loyalty towards? Myself or the woman I gave my word to?
Copyright © 2014 Mia L. Hazlett

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In My Head IV

In My Head IV
By: Mia L. Hazlett

Oh no! I look at the clock and it is 12:30. What happened? Daddy must have come and thought we were asleep. I look and Mommy is sitting in her favorite chair. She smiles at me and tells me Daddy hasn’t come yet. I look over at the coffee table and see a grilled cheese sandwich and apples. It’s my favorite, but if I eat that, I won’t have room for my waffle. But I am really really hungry. I decide to eat just half of my sandwich. I refuse my apple juice with my pink swirly straw, because then I will be way too full.

Even though it’s my favorite show, I don’t even care. Every time a car goes by, I hope it is going to turn into the driveway. Even though it is too late for the movie, we could still go out to eat. I tried to keep my sister from eating all her lunch, but she did anyways. She is going to be sorry when she does not have room for all the pizza in the world.

I’ve called Daddy twice on his phone, but he didn’t answer. Maybe he didn’t bring his charger with him so his phone is dead. I hope something didn’t happen to him. Mommy says she’s sure he is fine. I don’t know how she knows, but she is making dinner for us now. I don’t want her stupid meatloaf. Daddy is taking us to get pizza. I told her to wait for another hour or call him again. Something must have happened to him. He would never just not call. He promised me he is coming today. Today is not over.

I take Mommy’s phone and the house phone and sit by window in one of the big kitchen chairs. It is almost completely dark and I can’t tell what color the cars are as they pass by the driveway. I hear the bathtub running, but I am not taking one. I don’t want to be in the tub when Daddy gets here, because maybe he can at least take us out for ice cream.

I hear Mommy read to my sister and she is reading our favorite story. She smiles at me as she sits on the floor next to my chair. I tell her I don’t want to go to bed yet. She let me call him one more time, but he didn’t answer again. I sit down in my Mommy’s lap and start crying. I remember doing that. Now I am laying in my bed in my pretty sparkly dress in the dark. Daddy never got to see my pretty sparkly dress and fancy hair. Daddy never came. I roll over and Mommy is right next to me. She hugs me and kisses my forehead.
Copyright © 2014 Mia L. Hazlett

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In My Head III

In My Head III
Mia L. Hazlett

This is going to be the best day of my whole entire life.  I don’t know when it was the last time I saw Daddy, but today we are going to spend the whole day together.  Well not just us, my sister is coming to.  I made sure last night Mommy braided my hair pretty.  I spent all last night trying to decide which dress to wear.  I decided to wear a sparkly pink dress he had bought me.  It was really hard to sleep last night, but now it is morning.

Mommy and my sister are still sleeping.  I’m not going to have breakfast because Daddy is going to take us to breakfast.  When we talked on the phone yesterday, he said I could do anything I wanted to all day.  I said I wanted to go out for breakfast.  Then I wanted to go to the movie with the girl I saw from my TV show.  Then we can go to the bookstore because I want to get a book in my book series. Then we could go to dinner before we came home.  I couldn’t even believe it.  He said yes to everything.  This was really going to be the best day.

When I go into my mother’s room, she is just waking up.  I already have my sparkles on and I found my matching headband with the sparkly bow.  Daddy is going to think I’m so pretty.  I ask Mommy to wake my sister up because Daddy is going to be here in an hour.  She needs to look just as pretty for him.

Mommy gets my sister ready and I turn the TV on.  The big window is behind the TV and I can see the driveway at the same time.  Daddy is going to be here in fifteen minutes.  I wish he was here right now because I am so hungry.  I love the place we go because they have the biggest waffles in the world and that is the only time Mommy lets me put whipped cream on them.  I’m going to ask for extra whipped cream today.

I already looked on my Mommy’s phone and the movie starts at 12:10.  We will have enough time to eat breakfast even if the restaurant is really crowded and we have to wait like we sometimes do.  Five more minutes before Daddy is here. I’m so excited.  Wait.  I’m going to go to the bathroom so I don’t have to once we are out.  Mommy isn’t going to be there to take us to the girls’ room so I need to go now.

I run out of the bathroom and I didn’t even wash my hands.  Sometimes I just run the water so Mommy thinks that I do.  When I look in the driveway, no one is there.  I thought I heard Daddy’s car.  My sister is watching her show on the couch and I sit next to her to wait for Daddy.  This is going to be the best day ever.
Copyright © 2014 Mia L. Hazlett

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By: Mia L. Hazlett

Talk about beautiful. His behind was spectacular. Eleven years my junior, but we have been a perfect match over these past eight months. The sex was the best I’d ever had in my life and pretty much the only thing that existed between us. I don’t think we had ever been out of his house together, maybe once or twice to dinner. No hand holding or romantic stuff. None of that. Just close the doors and we’re off!

Dean was wonderful. I really thought after eight months, our passion would change for each other, but it was just like our first time. The best part with our little arrangement, he had no problem with my marriage. There was no pressure from him to leave my husband. He understood I had a four-year-old daughter and an image I had to maintain. My cell phone and his bed were our relationship and that was good enough for the both of us.

Dean wasn’t replacing my husband, he couldn’t. I loved my husband and would never break his heart with my affair. There was really no explanation that could answer the question, why? My husband had given me everything I could possibly want. We had a beautiful home in an upscale neighborhood. He supported me, not only financially, but whole-heartedly when I went back and got my MBA. Although my paycheck would contribute, he really wouldn’t allow me to pay for much. I filled my gas tank and paid my credit cards, but he provided for our household. He was a dream.

For the past eight months I had been living not only a dream life, but a fantasy. I had an amazing husband who loved and provided for our family. And for my own little secret, I had my twenty-eight-year-old lover that made my toes curl. I knew it couldn’t last. I sat in my meeting today with only two hours of sleep under my belt, because last night I realized my two worlds were about to come crashing together. Well, really my three worlds, I should say. My girlfriends knew nothing about Dean.

Last night I was robbed of my dreams. Sleep, finally replaced exhaustion. I was pregnant, almost three months to be exact. I had this perfect life and now I was pregnant with a child who could be my husband’s or lover’s. It didn’t seem right that I refused to get an abortion because it was un-Christian, but somehow faced the reality that as a married woman, I didn’t know who I conceived this child with.

© 2013 Mia L. Hazlett

All Rights Reserved. Excerpt from Conundrum- March 2014 release date.

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By: Mia L. Hazlett
I needed to clear my head. The gym wasn’t doing it for me. Somehow, the elliptical machine did little to change the past. A 25-year-old past was sneaking up on me and I couldn’t turn to anyone and tell them. My girlfriends could never know and my family would flip out if they knew their secret was back. They had worked so hard to protect our family image.

The letter went through my head again and again. How could I make this all go away? I’ve always been raised knowing my family was “above the law”, so to speak. We didn’t have to operate under the “rules” “normal” people do. I’m not quite sure who we were, but my mother had always made it clear we were better than everyone else.

Why? I had no answer to that question. It’s a lonely world when you’re raised to believe you are better than all of your classmates. My friends were my parents’ friends’ children. I was still amazed when I went to weddings and some failed to compare to the grandiose birthday parties I went to and grew up with. Last year was the best birthday in the world. My girlfriends took me to this little fish place on the Cape and we sipped on cheap wine and ate fried food until our hearts were content. I also believe my feet were dressed in cheap flip- flops to complement my cut-off jeans and tank top. There were no tiaras, gowns, councilmen, or mayors. Nope. It was me, my friends, and a bar full of strangers. It was the best birthday of my life.

What did I have to show these women who gave me my first real birthday? A family secret I’d never shared with them. They were like my sisters and how could I now tell them the daughter I had at fifteen, who I never met, just found me?

© 2013 Mia L. Hazlett
All Rights Reserved. Excerpt from Conundrum- March 2014 release date.

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Monster XII

By: Mia L. Hazlett

Fear was stifling. It was one thing to fear for yourself, but another when someone else’s life depended on yours. I didn’t know who Hope was, but since we had stayed together over the past week, our commonality became this torturous hell pit. They no longer hurt either one of us. Dr. Guy came in and re-broke her leg and made a makeshift cast. For some reason I assumed he was a doctor because he set her leg on a board and tied it in place with rags, and administered some sort of pain killer with a needle. This was everything our captors had done, less setting the leg, but I guess since he didn’t appear to possess the torture gene, he was a doctor to me.

My strength was restored, but they had overlooked one detail that now postponed our scheduled rendezvous, my sight. There was a dim glow that always illuminated the darkest corners. For whatever period of time I had been here, my eyes had adjusted. But going outside in the sunlight, where they had taken me the past two days, caused debilitating migraines.

Over the past week, the light was constant in Hell. The wattage was increased daily. Today there was no headache. I was surprised how light lessened my fear. In my mind we were in some tragic lost dungeon, and although the light didn’t change our circumstances, I could now see who was coming. Our torturers were simply men. I did my best to wipe away old blood stains. I wasn’t sure my reasoning. It wasn’t to make this home, nor could I ever erase this experience from my mind, but it just made the present tolerable.

My eyes opened to Maniacal and Footsteps standing over me. Hope had her mouth taped and Dr. Guy’s hands were between her thighs. Her eyes spoke the pain her muffled screams could not relay. Maniacal looked down, “It’s time. Follow us.” For the first time in the light, my fear returned, but looking at Hope, I followed.
©2014 Mia L. Hazlett

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Chaotic Normalcy – Part I

By: Mia L. Hazlett

Routine and normalcy, two things I cherish most about my 9 to 5. I come to work and go home. What fills the hours in between; well that’s where my flexibility shines. Nevertheless, once I leave, I count on routine. I count on being home by 5pm to get my daughter off the bus, especially on Mondays when we rush around to get her to her softball games on time. Not this Monday, this Monday of April 15, 2013 was different. I continued to wear my flexibility cape, even though I was no longer in my office. It was Marathon Monday and apparently, no one had told me that the Sox game was not starting at three, but letting out.

The shuttle slowed to a stop a good quarter-mile from the parking garage, it wasn’t allowed to go any further and take us to our stop. Oh how I hate detours! The streets from Beth Israel Hospital to the parking garage, were nothing but traffic jams, pedestrians, and traffic cops. I weaved in and out of the fans, who treated the streets and sidewalks as their personal photo studio. By the time I reached my car, it was already past 3:30pm. Now I had to drive through all of these people.

I inched down the street, honking occasionally, only to be flipped off and then having to return the gesture, but sometimes the car in front of me carried out the familiar Boston tradition. But as I inched to the intersection, my Boston temper began to surface, this was the third friggin’ cop I had seen talking on his phone and then calling his blue buddies over. What the hell? There was traffic to direct here! And they need to do it now, because someone wasn’t letting an ambulance through somewhere, because the siren was continuous. I had heard it since I started walking.

By the time I hit 24, I was home free. I could still make it home in time to get my daughter to her game. I tucked away my flexibility cape and switched back to my normal commute home. I was off only by 15 minutes. It wasn’t until I was near Bridgewater that I realized my normalcy existed, but somewhere it did not. My entire ride, I noticed nothing but flashing statee cars headed towards Boston. Every minute until I got off the highway near the Cape, a state police cruiser was headed towards Boston.

My daughters’ father was watching the kids and reached me by phone about ten minutes before I arrived home. My phone had been tucked behind my purse, and apparently I hadn’t heard my mother calling or received the three “Are you okay?” texts awaiting me. He asked if I was okay and if I made it out. I began to unload about the stupid shuttle making us walk and I knew I was a little…he interrupted, “A bomb or maybe two or three went off at the marathon. Are you okay? I didn’t think you would be coming home and would probably have to stay at work. I was going to take the girls to your mother’s house because I just got called into work.”

Comprehension of what he was saying didn’t exist as my oblivion bubble burst. I pulled into the driveway adding everything together: all the cops on their phones, the ceaseless siren- well sirens, and all the way home, the state police rushing to Boston. A bomb? Was this 9/11 all over again? How close was I when this all happened? What if there were more? There were so many people in the streets at Fenway. Did I need to go back to work? What would I be able to do? Surely, the medical geniuses I worked for didn’t need me for my expertise in stopping bloody noses and washing scraped knees. Although utter chaos assaulted me, this was Monday. Mondays are softball games. Right now, even though I could answer none of the questions racing through my head, my brain could exist in chaos, but my body had to pull off normalcy.

My ex dropped our daughter off at her game and I dropped our other daughter off at my parent’s house. I tried to call people at work, but got no answers. What I was going to do, go back to work or stay home, was abruptly answered by my daughter’s normalcy. Before I could leave to her sister’s game, she asked me if someone had been shot? I stood motionless, “What?” She looked up at me with an innocence, which was contradicted by her question, “Daddy got called into work, so did someone get shot?” I answered honestly, “No. No one was shot.” I had to allow normalcy to win in the face of this chaotic tragedy. With my brain and body synced to normalcy, I went and watched my daughter win her softball game.

© 2013 Mia L. Hazlett

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