Taken (Part II)

By: Mia L. Hazlett

Does anyone ever live their days like they are their last? At some point you fall into routine. You don’t really think about what you are doing anymore…you just do. You rush around and forget about what is important, until who’s important is gone. And she is gone. My little Jessie wasn’t there when we got to school today. They had marked her absent and just assumed she didn’t come or gone to a different school. From that point on, I haven’t followed my normal routine. And I’ve been living every second trying to relive my last moments with her.

Jessie’s head wobbles on the seat as she lay unconscious. God I hope he didn’t overdose her. She drank the entire juice box with whatever Voz, The Medicine Man, had put in there. That isn’t my part in this whole play. I’m just the Body Snatcher. Kev was Stake Man and he will be The Negotiator once I get her to The Spot. I didn’t think I could do it, but I can’t get this fifty grand out of my head. Voz says when we’re done, we can all call ourselves Banker. I’m just two miles away from The Spot. Just go ahead and call me the Banker.

There’s not one person that walks this earth that can take care of my Jessie the way I can. I left the coorperate world to stay home and raise my baby. I had just taken up looking for a part-time morning job. I could drop Jessie off in the morning, pick her up in the afternoon and take her to the little ballet classes around the corner. Even though I changed my entire life for her, I just added her to a different routine.

What the hell do I do? What the hell are all these cop cars doing around The Spot? This is not part of the plan. Who tipped them off? Oh damn, not Kev. They can’t take Kev! I drive by The Spot and watch two policemen escort Kev to the car. His head is down and they have his hands behind his back in cuffs. Voz stands on the front porch and gives me some hope that they haven’t figured us out. They may have not figured us out, but they’ve unknowingly taken away The Negotiator. No Negotiator, no fifty grand.

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