To Love Again

To Love Again
Mia L. Hazlett

Step out on faith and I will guide your path. Put your trust in my hands and you shall never want. Follow me and you will forever have true love. But she had no faith. She did not trust. And she followed her path instead of His. He knew she would hurt. He knew there would be pain. He knew she was on the detour, but He let her go. Because He knew, when the time was right and her heart grew weary; He would guide her back to His path.

As her faith faded, a slight splinter formed. When the trust mocked her, the separation began. And as the love diminished, her heart finally gave way…and shattered. It shattered. For so long she was the gatekeeper to her soul, the controller of her destiny. And through her own fault she brought the demise of her own peace.

So when she returned to Him, it didn’t matter that she had left. He only cared that she had come home. It wasn’t about punishing her for the errors of her ways, but healing her through the love she thought was forever lost. He dusted off her faith and began to answer her prayers. He redeemed her trust in Him, for He was all she needed. Piece by piece He mended her heart. And it mended, for He was preparing for it to love again. His Spirit now guarded her soul and controlled her destiny. And it was through Him, peace was restored.

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